Our vision is to create the most transparent, efficient and open blockchain financial markets in the world. We carry this out on a daily basis by providing our partners, stakeholders and clients a fairest trading experience to meet their liquidity needs. Our team approaches market making as a crucial function that requires continuous reinvention and a fundamental bridge between the blockchain financial markets and real world economy.

Our Services

Liquidity Providing

Delivery liquidity to cryptocurrency exchanges, market traders and general public buyers.

OTC Trading

Provide access to block size liquidity for individuals or institutions looking to buy or sell cryptocurrency.




With the digitisation, democratisation and socialization of money, we make payments instant, free, and safe within a decentralized financial system where people of all income levels can access simple-to-use and secure financial services.

AC School

Asian Capital School

Asian Capital School relies on Asian Capital's high-quality comprehensive resources to provide blockchain technology courses and related fintech courses for users. Asian Capital School works with the University of Cambridge and the Scandinavian International Business School to provide academic certification. Asian Capital School is committed to cultivate comprehensive talents with "academic expertise and international practical experience" to promote their understanding of financial technology and blockchain.