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Asian Capital Gaining Global Media Attention

By ACMS, 08 August 2018

Asian Capital (ACMS) creation of a cryptocurrency market maker platform has began to receive a lot of attention from global media. In July 2018, ACMS participated in the World Blockchain Conference together with well-known companies such as Baidu Finance and Tencent. Mr James Smith, CEO of ACMS gave a wonderful speech at the Conference which garner the audiences’ attention towards ACMS's vision for developing blockchain economy. ACMS was featured in media from different countries like China, Australia, USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

Cryptocurrency market makers play a pivotal role in promoting the development of cryptocurrency finance. Through engaging a well connected group of blockchain ambassadors, we are able to develop a community of market makers in the shortest possible time. Coupled with the recognition from global media which helps improved the visibility of ACMS in the industry, ACMS’s vision for blockchain economy can be realised even faster.

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