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Asian Capital CEO, James won the 2018 Asia’s Top Leader Award

By ACMS, 13 August 2018

On August 6, 2018, Mr. James Smith, the CEO of Asian Capital, was invited to attend the International Brand Leaders Awards and was awarded the “Asia's Top Leader Award 2018”. The award was presented by the International Business Association IBF. The winners were nominated by well-known personnel across various industries. Only business leaders with impeccable leadership qualities, outstanding talents and significant contributions will have the opportunity to participate in the competition.

This award is given to leaders who have made a significant contribution to global economic growth. Mr. James was able to win the award because he has created the world's first blockchain financial market maker platform to push forward the blockchain financial market. His efforts has helped raised the awareness of cryptocurrency trading and created a good business environment for the sustainable and healthy development of blockchain finance.

Mr. James’ winning of the Asian award has reflected the growing influence of ACMS’s blockchain financial market maker platform in the Asia Pacific region. Through the Blockchain Ambassador program, ACMS strive to create a market making group to promote the concept of blockchain financial market making.