At Chynge, we make the world a better place.

With the digitisation, democratisation and socialization of money, we make payments instant, free, and safe within a decentralized financial system where people of all income levels can access simple-to-use and secure financial services.

1. Smart Compliance

Chynge fights financial crime with Chynge Central, a self-learning proprietary solution. All customers and transactions are scanned by a combination of pre-set risk indicators and algorithms so that patterns of suspicious behaviour are detected. As compliance officers make decisions with the valuable insights afforded by the solution, the feedback loop is closed in the solution, making it even smarter, faster and more accurate.

2. Chynge Central Blockchain

Nothing gets lost or falls between the cracks when transactions take place on the Chynge blockchain. Settlement is instant, reliable and effective.

3. Liquidity Pools

Remittance corridors are most efficient when daily flows are balanced in both directions; however this is seldom the case in real life. The Chynge liquidity pools fill in the gaps to ensure a perfect match. Avoiding bank rails will avert high fees and make transactions free.


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The Chynge Team

Joe Tusin
CEO & Founder

  • Over thirty years’ experience in technology and analytics in financial services
  • AI/machine learning practitioner with real-word experience in predicting human behaviour
  • Deep experience in management consulting, startups and large technology companies
  • Led the Cloud Computing business at Microsoft Asia-Pacific

Christopher Tan
Chief Technology Officer

  • Twenty-five years’ experience in technology
  • Managed large scale deployment of enterprise solutions on IBM, Lenovo and SAP
  • Expert in Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Software, Servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Storage, Cloud and Product Lifecycle Management
  • Created and delivered training for hundreds of HP staff for solution sales

Aaron Lee
Chief Compliance Office & Legal Advisor

  • Twenty years’ experience in international and business law, policy-making and government relations
  • Over twelve years’ experience in regulatory compliance for banks
  • Subject matter expert in business law, governance, ethics and regulations
  • RegTech product design

Franz Lye
Director of New Markets

  • Swiss banking veteran
  • Over twenty-five years’ experience in private banking and wealth management
  • Well-connected to many high net-worth individuals
  • Knowledgeable about best practices for trust practices, risk, banking secrecy and CRM