Our services dive deep into industry and client needs ranging from providing liquidity in cryptocurrency trading to facilitating Over-the-Counter trading. We are guided by a mix of careful decision-making and creative approaches to the complex financial needs of our partners globally

Our exceptional capabilities enable us to meet the liquidity demands of our diverse group of clients in most market conditions. In partnering with us, partners including exchanges, traders, developers and public, are able to get better pricing and a more efficient trading experience. We are proud to help better position them to meet their investment and business goals.

Liquidity Providing

We act as a market maker in the major cryptocurrencies traded globally. Our close knitted operating network allow us to seamlessly connect cryptocurrency exchanges, market traders and general public buyers to our liquidity network.

The network is continuously expanding and rapidly developed with the goal of setting the industry standard for fast, reliable execution in most market conditions. To maximize trading opportunities for clients, we sources liquidity from several major cryptocurrency exchanges and many alternative liquidity venues.

We commits more capital to provide liquidity, offering our clients the ability to trade more efficiently, bringing more volume to the public markets, and providing transparency and liquidity for everyone.

OTC Trading

Provide access to block size liquidity for individuals or institutions looking to buy or sell cryptocurrency that takes place away from digital currency exchanges.

Allows our clients to avoid slippage when trading large volume of cryptocurrency to deliver a better pricing for their trades. Using OTC trading can guarantee faster processing times, quicker trading times for large trades, while avoiding low trading limits for large volume clients.